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UNDISCLOSED is a David and Goliath drama based on true events. It follows the story of Alicia Salinas, a courageous journalist who puts her career, family, and safety in jeopardy to find the truth about the murder of her father, a well-known politician and presidential candidate assassinated when she was a child.

UNDISCLOSED is a narrative feature film. The film takes place in Colombia, the second deadliest country for journalists in Latin America after Mexico, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

This problem is not only in Latin America, but also a worldwide crisis. In the last decade alone, 540 journalists around the world were murdered. Sixty-five have gone missing. In 2018, 250 journalists worldwide were imprisoned.

The reasons for this violence are varied, ranging from government censorship, political rivalries, or enraged citizens who didn’t  like what they read.

“In 2021, far too many journalists paid the ultimate price to bring truth to light”, said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay.

Journalists face high rates of imprisonment, physical attack, intimidation, and harassment, including when reporting on protests. Female journalists are especially at risk.

Women journalists are subjected to “a shocking prevalence of harassment”, UNESCO data showed that nearly three-quarters of female media professionals surveyed had experienced online or physical violence linked to their work.

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Javier Augusto Nunez

Yan Carlo Mahecha

Valentina Latina, Aulio Ivan, Valentina Gordon-Smith

Javier Augusto Nunez, Joseph Tweedy

Macela Robison, Javier Augusto Nunez

Connor Trees, Ariel Lavi

Connor Trees

90 minutes




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