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Javier Augusto Núñez's Documentary Portfolio

Faith and Resistance
Release date: November 2014

Short documentary about an isolated community in the Colombian jungle and its struggles to survive in the midst of the armed conflict that has been going on for over forty years. Their resilience and spiritual strength become the stepping stone towards making a living, despite the violence and poverty they experience.

We, the women
Release date: November 2024

an intimate story about the healing power of love revealed when filmmaker Emilce Quevedo documents a vigil with her dying grandmother, uncovering her family’s story of surviving three generations of domestic violence. Emilce bravely takes her camera into a typically private moment, bringing the audience with her on a deeply personal journey with a loving, compassionate heart, illuminating the complicated truth of her family history.  The film is a loving tribute to her grandmother Sixta whose sweet, enigmatic but fiercely strong personality has left an enduring presence on the filmmaker. 

Diabetic Voices
Release date: November 2016

Short documentary about how diabetes is currently one of the most pervasive diseases in the world and the ways its many complications, such as the “diabetic foot” and amputations, have become widespread. A touching story about a particular case in Colombia.

The Water struggle
Release date: November 2015

Short documentary commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme in Colombia about the lack of decent water supply and the struggle to obtain it in native and rural communities in the northern region of the country.

Diabetes Prevention Program
Release date: May 2014

Short institutional video commissioned by Unison Health and Community Services a non-profit, community-based organization based in Toronto, Ontario about their Diabetes prevention program that offers education to those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes or those seeking to lead a healthy life style.

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